Dr. Anu Seven: Transforming Lives Through Health, Wellness, and Metaphysical Insights

Dr. Anu Seven is a dynamic entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience as a fitness business owner, and wellness advisor. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy of Metaphysics. also holds a certificate in Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University.  Anu’s eloquent communication style has aided him in becoming a leader in industry and valuable resource; working with some of the best talent around the globe such as the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. By combining his insight into health and wellness with his appreciation for the world of sports and entertainment, And is able to equip his clients with optimal strategies and solutions to produce the most beneficial results.

I started this health journey in 2003 after reaching 255 pounds and 25% body fat. After witnessing my Family members suffer stroke after stroke, diabetes along with the rapid health decline; I knew I would die soon if I didn’t make a change. Utilizing the traditional diet of moderation and portion control combined with vigorous exercise, I lost 70 pounds by in 6 months. Then going into the military. I continued over the years to struggle with my weight and digestion issues. Eventually, I slowly regained weight. After getting out of the military At this time, I started to study the connection between what we EAT and disease, especially according to biblical scriptures.